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Issuance on the spot

The benefits of instant issuance kiosks

 Resource efficiency

Unmanned kiosks offer the opportunity to be more efficient with staffing, allowing a more flexible resource deployment.

Customer journey

Offering an instant-issuance kiosk allows customers to choose the service options that matters to them increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Wider market access

By offering the kiosk outside of the banks’ branch footprint, customers can be served in more places and access banking services in rural and isolated environments.

Optimized process 

Implementing an alternative to traditional postal card delivery allows a reduced impact on the environment and a smoother issuance process.

Why choose G+D Mobile Security's instant issuance kiosk solution?


Our rugged and robust kiosks, combined with our tested and trusted software solutions, ensure that your deployment will work first time – and every time.


Safety and security is at the heart of everything we do. Our kiosks are designed to resist tampering, and our software is constructed with cutting-edge security technology embedded throughout.


Our technology is ready-to-go. A complete solution for rapid, scalable installation, no matter how complex your environment.