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Moving forward  to the next level of efficiency & Improved productivity by automated banding

Tailor-made for a new level of efficiency: the BPS C5 precisely fulfills banknote processing requirements, with outstanding efficiency, flexibility, and user-friendliness

The BPS C5 was developed to specifically meet the needs of small and medium- sized cash centers and count rooms, as well as back offices within large bank branches. In all these areas, ever-increasing competitive and price pressures necessitate streamlined processes, increased productivity, and reduced costs, as well as a high level of flexibility to adapt to future requirements.

Meeting the needs of today and tomorrow

The solution from G+D is a modular, scalable system that fulfills all process requirements with the greatest reliability, efficiency, and user-friendliness. A high nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour, an exceptionally flexible modular concept, state-of-the- art, framework-compliant sensors, and a multitude of software options combine to offer significant competitive advantages. A new option is available now with the Bander Delivery Module, which will enhance the operator’s productivity significantly.

Equipped with the best connections

And that’s not all: the BPS C5 is ideally prepared for leveraging all the advantages that connectivity can provide. Used in conjunction with cash management software (e.g. Compass Cash Center Enterprise) or elements of the BPS Eco-System (e.g. a remote service connection), it makes the entire operation more trans- parent, secure, and efficient.

Productive and efficient

Count, check for authenticity and fitness, and sort based on a wide variety of criteria: the BPS C5 processes banknotes reliably and precisely, with a nominal throughput of up to 63,000 banknotes per hour. It is suitable for all substrates (paper, hybrid, polymer) and also for casino tickets. With its high number of output stackers, it supports multiple and even complex sorting requirements. The system is extremely easy to use, sustainably facilitating the necessary throughput and efficiency.

Modular and flexible

The modular and scalable system can be equipped with up to six modules, either Standard Delivery Modules (SDMs), Bander Delivery Modules (BDMs), or any combination of both. Each SDM contains four output stackers for up to 250 banknotes. The BDM automatically bands one denomination at a time and contains two stackers for tandem operation and a dot matrix printer. Up to 50 different operation modes can be defined per currency, and they are easy to choose for the operator. The BPS C5 supports both the traditional two-step process and one-step processes (e.g. with header cards). Its design also means it can be used by either one or two operators.

Reliable and secure

The sensor system in the BPS C5 verifies and sorts banknotes quickly, precisely, and reliably. The system excels in the detection of counterfeits (including composed bank- notes) and in sorting by predefined fitness criteria or central bank frameworks. For additional security, video monitoring interfaces and the industrial firewall BPS Eco- Protect can be provided on request and the system communicates via SFTP.

Future-proof investment

The system’s enhanced modularity makes it easy to upgrade with additional SDMs or Banders to adapt to changed operational needs. The BPS C5 communicates via secure SFTP and features multiple interfaces required for smooth networking with cash management software or connecting to accessories. The BPS C5’s BDM is a new optional online banding function that benefits cash center processes in several ways. Automated banding leads to significantly higher through- put enabling the operator to process either the same number of banknotes in a shorter time or more banknotes in the given time. The higher level of automation leads also to lower costs and enhanced security.

How efficiency is improved

The most frequently occurring denominations/qualities are banded automatically, giving the operator the possibility to manually band the remaining denominations and qualities. With this mix of automatic and manual banding, the actual throughput is significantly improved. The BDM comes with a tandem stacker, allowing continuous stacking and banding. And as soon as a bank- note package is banded, it is automatically ejected (into a container or onto an optional conveyor belt), further improving productivity and performance. The BDM contains banderole printing, providing all important processing information automatically, which again contributes to the efficiency of the operator. Delivering automatically banded packages of 100 banknotes (as is standard in the banknote industry), the BDM can be interfaced to the BPS C5 Input Module and SDMs, and can be upgraded to existing machines, facilitating improved productivity while securing the initial investment.

Singling speed: up to 1,050 BN/min with SDM, up to 800 BN/min with BDM Dynamic singling: up to 1,200 BN/min (depending on BN format)
BN formats (length × width): 100–181 × 60–85 mm
Currencies: up to 60 currencies Singler capacity: up to 1,500 BN* Output stacker in base module (configurable either for sorting or as 2nd reject): 1 × up to 250 BN* Reject stacker: 1 × up to 250 BN* Standard Delivery Module (SDM): 4 × up to 250 BN per module*
Bander Delivery Module (BDM): • 2 stackers for tandem operation • Automatic alignment to banknote formats • Presenter for pushing packages out • Banderole width: 40 mm • Dot matrix printer (optional: inkjet printer)
Dimensions (H × W × D): (depending on configuration) BPS C5-5 – 660 × 790 × 420 mm BPS C5-6B – 660 × 4,360 × 540 mm Weight: (depending on configuration) 79 –760 kg Operational temperature range: 15°C – 35°C Electrical specifications: 100–240 VA, 50/60 Hz External connections: 1 × LAN, 4 × USB host, 1 × USB device, 1 × HDMI Certificates: CE, GS, CB